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Melt into pure chocolate indulgence with Cognito beauty treatments...
Because every woman deserves a little chocotherapy

Dark and rich or smooth and velvety we all adore chocolate – from that mug of temptingly delicious hot chocolate to that naughty little bar lying in the fridge, just begging to be eaten.
Why not try the sumptuous luxury of a Cognito chocolate beauty treatment with all its natural moisturising and skin softening benefits?
Now chocolate can make you feel as good on the outside as it does on the inside...

The 100% pure cocoa that we use in all our chocolate massage therapy products comes direct from a Belgian company who also supply the world’s finest Chocolatiers. So whilst you are having this rich and velvety treatment massaged gently into your body you can feel assured that this is a real indulgence!
As with our other chocolate beauty treatments this guilt-free massage therapy is full of beneficial minerals, vitamins and nutrients – all combining with the natural moisturising and nourishing elements of the cocoa itself to help soften and revitalise your skin.
We call this ‘The Cupcake Collection’ because you can choose to be pampered in a delicious range of ‘flavours’! Take your pick from:

  • Chocolate Orange
  • Turkish Delight
  • Peppermint After Dark

(Please note, the flavours mentioned above are best used within The Cupcake Collection. They *can* be used without mixing with the Chocolate for Massage but will ONLY smell of the flavours when mixed with the Chocolate)

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