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Just like human skin, a dog’s paws can be delicate & sensitive and can become cracked in cold dry weather, or burnt on hot ground. Love4Paws Balm is made with natural moisturising ingredients that can help prevent drying and cracking.

Love4Paws Balm is full of 100% natural ingredients including Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Mango Butter. The Balm is easily applied and is absorbed quickly.

Currently there are NO regulations for non-pharmaceutical animal shampoos and cosmetics like Paw Balms! This means that pretty much anything can be put in a container and sold as pet care. NO ingredient list is needed. Scary hey?

You'll be pleased to know though that Love4Paws Balm is different. As a manufacturer of human skincare, we are used to following strict guidelines so have automatically followed those with creating the Love4Paws Balm. FULL ingredient lists come on every tin. Your dog's paws are safe in our hands so to speak.

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